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JTMEC delivers on high voltage cable install

High Voltage Cable Reel on Flatbed Truck | JTMEC Electrical Manufacturer & Contractor, Australia
Cable installations are a notoriously complex part of any tunnel construction project and require a highly skilled workforce to carry out safely.

Luckily for the Rozelle Interchange Project, the high voltage (HV) and fibre optic cable installation scopes were awarded to JTMEC, which has been responsible for delivering, hauling, terminating and testing cable networks.

JTMEC delivered on a technically challenging scope that included hauling cable down five shafts. This took significant safety and logistics planning and collaboration between JTMEC and JHCPB’s M&E and TCF teams. Changes to work zones and access points required daily interface conversations to ensure everyone involved was aware of upcoming changes and could plan accordingly.

The Rozelle Interchange Project is JTMEC’s first Sydney-based job, and they’ve now completed over 90% of their HV contract scope, two months ahead of schedule. The full scope is set to be complete by January 2023.

Some of the achievements to date include:
  •  11,800m HV cable installed 
  • 8500m fibre installed 
  • 50 HV joints complete 
  • 14 Fibre joints complete 
  • 29 HV tests complete 
  • 10,000hrs of install work complete 
  • 1100hrs of termination work complete 
  • 300hrs of testing complete

M&E Superintendent Steven Leahy said, “the work that has been done is a fantastic win for the Project and is directly related to JTMEC and their
delivery team”.

Congratulations to the many people involved in delivering these works, and a special mention to Ryan Hawkings, Steven Leahy, Russell Topp, Luke Davis, Cameron Boal, and the supporting teams from National Energy Service Infrastructure and Gene Engineering.