2MVA 11-1kV Substation

JTMEC manufactures 2MVA Substations.  Our products are manufactured to a standard specification and can then be tailored to your requirements.

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Standard Specifications

The following specifications reflect our standard specification for this product and can be modified to your specific requirements:

  • 11kV Merlin Gerin RN2C Ring Main Unit, SFA 200A Circuit Breaker including 2 630A switches
  • VIP 300 self-powered protection relay
  • Schneider GMX mining transformer
  • 2MVA 11/1kV
  • Dyn Configured
  • Design impedance 6.0%
  • Enclosure has a segregated main switch, LV and ELV control cabinets, bus section and power circuits
  • 1250A air break switch with electronic overload and earth leakage shunt protection
  • Electronic low voltage 1000V sub circuits consisting of 3 x 250-630A and 3 x 160-400A
  • Rear entry line terminals for segregation to bus chamber
  • Lockable enclosure doors
  • 1000V sub circuits provide in separate enclosures
  • 1000V switchgear rated to 20kA
  • Removable aluminium gland plates for each circuit
  • Auxiliary UPS supply for shunting main LV and HV circuit breakers
  • Control Circuit 24VAC/110VAC including four 24VAC external lighting outlets
  • 5A continuously rated NER connected to secondary star point to provide an impedance for fault current limiting
  • Startco NER Monitoring including tripping and indication

Build Standards

Our substations are manufactured to the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 3000
  • AS 1554.1

Depending on your requirements and State regulations, we can upgrade the substations specifications to:

  • AS/NZS 2081
  • AS/NZS 4871

Substation Options

The following are additional options available with this substation design:

  • Remote switching
  • 11kV RMU
  • ARC Flash protection
  • 800A Bolted Couplers
  • Bearcat Wheels
  • Towing A Frame
  • ONAN or KNAN Cooling
  • 30KA Switch Gear
  • Black Start UPS